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Trusted company company to purchase SS Grills, Railing Balusters, CNC Laser Cutting...

Founded by a man of clear vision and extreme intellectuality, 'Mr. Bipin Patel', who first introduce Laser Technology in Rajkot for industrial use, Lasertech Cutting Solutions is known across the nation for being the best partner when it comes to providing effective Laser Cutting Solutions. ISO 9001:2008 certified companies are hard to find in times when quality is losing its value over personal profits but our firm isn't like that. We are a responsible quality certified business enterprise, working as a Manufacturer that considers providing customers only quality-assured Laser Cutting Parts, CNC Bending & TIG Welding Products nothing less than a duty that needs to be completed with perfection. The laser cutting solutions we provide are highly appreciated by clients for precision, consistency and reliability. The spectrum of sheet metal laser cutting jobs that we do serve is praised for its ecologically clean technology, high level of output radiation, low cutting noise and high accuracy. Our firm holds extensive experience in the domain of fabrication of its several offerings including kitchen equipment. By taking assistance of our research and development team, we provide customized solutions to clients at cost-effective rates. In-house spacious production space and other departments enables us to timely complete Russian orders received on mails  with perfection.

What We Are Best At Providing?
  • CNC Press Brake Machine weighing175 tonnes (Boschart Germany Developed)
  • Amda Japan Made Laser Cutting Machine (3kw 4² X 8² )
  • Dual Pallet Ntc Japan Made Laser Cutting Machine (3kw 5² X 10² )
  • USA developed  Laser Marking Machine Quntronix Machine of 40 Watts
  • Germany Made Laser Engraving Machine (60 Watt )
  • Providing Germany made Nitrided Surface Modular Welding And Clamping Table Germany
  • TIG Welding Machine & Zooper ARC 400  And 250 MIG

Our Services

A company is better known for long-time not singularly because of his quality of work and products but services which it renders to clients with utmost sincerity. Our company well-understands diverse needs of numerous customers; reason behind this is the deep market surveys which our firm conducts to keeps eyes over exact needs of patrons. We offer Laser Cutting Services to clients. We cut laser parts as per the drawings & specifications given by customers. Our firm owns technologically updated TRUMPF Laser Cutting Machine, which aids us in executing our services with perfection.

  • MS O2 (Oxygen) Cutting 15 mm Thickness
  • SS N2(Nitrogen Cutting 10 mm Thickness
  • SS O2 (Oxygen) Cutting 12 mm Thickness
  • Table Size 3000X 1500(mm)

Advantages Of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a process that has eliminated the requirement for machining on diverse engineering jobs, enabling industries to save money on production costs. With no tooling costs, laser technology is apt for prototyping (Especially in case of mobile developers). This process is more precise as compared to plasma cutting as it utilizes less energy when it comes to cutting aluminium and steel sheets. Some of the advantages of this technology are:

  • Exactness & repeatability
  • First-class edge quality with finish
  • High level of specific output radiation
  • Low manufacturing cost per piece due to decrease in lead & set up time
  • Low scrap due to consistency in accuracy and deficiency of operator error
  • Modifications in design of laser parts can be done with easy and at a low cost
  • No expensive tooling costs Jigs/Fixtures is not needed.